Arriving in Dervio

Here are important information for your arrival in Dervio


Boats will be located in two different areas. Each boat will get a space allocated upon arrival and get a number corresponding with their time of entry for the event.
Find out on this list which number your are!

  • Registration Nr. 1-50 will be placed in Area A in front of Centro Vela Dervio
  • Registration Nr. 51-X will be placed in Area B at Santa Cecilia

Check out the Entry List to find out your registration and bow number

Check Points

There will be two Check Points:

  • Area A: next to Boldona Park
  • Area B: Santa Cecilia Area

When your arrive you must go past your corresponding Check Point!

The different areas will be signposted along the roads. If you get lost, don´t worry. We will point you in the right direction.

Opening times:

  • friday 20th July 9am till 8pm
  • saturday 21th July 9am till 8pm

If you arrive outside of the opening times of the Check Points, please call
Antonella on +39 348 6119948


Please let us know when you plan to arrive to help us with the organisation

At the Check Points you will get your place and bow number.
You must park your boat at the corresponding place!
Please attach the number well visible to your trailer, troley and boat according to the following Instruction.


how to get there and where to find what


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