Campings, Hotels and Appartments

Looking for a place to stay?
Find a list of possible accomodation on the club-website or at Montagne Lago di Como

Campervan Park

Are you travelling with a campervan?
Parking your campervan over night is normally forbidden on these parts of the lake. But the club made it possible to offer you a solution:

There will be two designated areas that offer space for about 25 campervans.

It is not clear yet if we will be able to provide electricity. The club is working on making this possible at one of the designeted areas.
Water and showers will be available at the club.
A place for emtying your chemical toilets will be provided.

Depending on the facilities that the club will be able to organize (e.g. electricity), their might be a charge per campervan. Otherwise it will be free.

If you are interested to make use of the opportunity please contact the club with the following information:

  • Name
  • Sail-Number
  • Arrival- and leaving-date
  • Nr. of your licence plate


Appart from the campings in Dervio (see above) there is a nice caravan park directly at the Lake in Colico, 12km from Dervio.





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